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About consists of the work of the Iron Miners mine researchers as well as an active Mine Forum where historians, industrial archeologists, miners, photographers, and avid hikers can communicate. Visitors engage in discussions related to all aspects of mining, old and new. The Mine Forum is jointly operated by Abandoned Mine Research, Inc., Ohio Vintage Coal and the IronMiners.
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Managers of the Mine Forum conduct a field trip in 2010 was first launched in 2005 to showcase the collective work of years of photography and historical research dating back to 1990. Soonafter, a community of like-minded individuals coalesced to share their passion for mining history. In 2006, Iron Miners began a partnership with Abandoned Mine Research resulting drawing members of the coal mining community to the site. Shortyl thereafter Ohio Vintage Coal, an organization specializing in the restoration of antique mining equipment also joined the management of the website. Backed by corporate donors, Ohio Vintage Coal is the premier antique mine equipment restoration organization in the United States.

In October 2011, the website was entirely redesigned by the web design firm InterPow including optimized photography, additional documented sites, and an immersive new user experience. The following month, the website expanded to include information on its mining operation, the Blackbird Mine. Today, is a hub for the mining enthusiast as well as an educational website for those wishing to gain a better understanding of historic mine archeology.

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