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The Blackbird Mine was first discovered in 1869. During its early period, it is said to have earned from one to two million dollars. For a time, the mine was operated by George S. Nixon who came to fame as a member of the Nevada Assembly and later, the United States senate.

Although precise production figures are unknown during what is believed to be its most successful period, in 1893, the mine produced 707 tons of ore with an average gold content of $9.54 per ton. On November 7 of that same year, Cameron Currie and associates formed the Blackbird Mining Company, a mining and smelting enterprise. Currie was a renowned business man and later a director of the Copper Range Company and Baltic Mining Company which operated the successful Baltic copper mine in Michigan. In 1903, the Blackbird mine was purchased by Utah residents for a sum of $20,000. Renamed the Bluejay Mine, the ore was then declared to carry $12 to the ton in gold.

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Blackbird Mine
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