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Pine Swamp Mine

The Pine Swamp Mine was opened around 1830. The name was taken from a wetland just down the slope from the main workings. The mine was owned and operated by Robert and Peter Parrott and the ore was shipped to their Clove and Greenwood furnaces. During the Civil War, the ore was used was used to manufacture Parrott Guns for battle. Invented by Robert in 1860 and patented in 1861, the guns were used frequently in battle and praised for their strength and accuracy. They were also easier to make than traditional artillery guns.

After Robert's death in 1877, the mine was bequeathed to Peter and his sons who founded the Parrott Iron Company in 1880. However, the mine closed permanently the same year.

Amongst the many workings are a large stope entrance, several shafts, and large open pit workings. Most of the underground workings are now flooded and inaccessible. The ruins of dwellings are also located nearby.

Pine Swamp Mine
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