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Pipes Mine

The story of Pipes Mine, nestled in the shadow of the historic Alabama Mine to the south, has been lost to history. Gold was first located in the immediate area at Alabama Mine in 1908 by Murray Scott. From 1912 to 1918, several small mines were operating in the vicinity. Pipes Mine was likely among them. These mines produced gold along with silver. As a result, a 5 stamp amalgamation mill was erected in the nearby town. The mill is said to have processed 10,000 tons of gold and silver bearing ore.

During September of 1936, a survey of Pipes Mine was conducted but the main adit was padlocked and therefore not examined. On the surface, the vein was found to be six feet in width and the dumps revealed a small amount of gold along with pyrite and galena. In 1964 the mine was under the ownership of Harry Wharton and C.L. Swett but its prior production was then unknown.

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Pipes Mine
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