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Blackbird Mine

(...continued) In the year 1912, the Blackbird Mine along with the nearby Golden Eagle Mine were noted as being the primary gold producers in its district.

In 1938, Black Bird Gold Mine, Inc. was organized by Clayton A. Coppin. Coppin worked the mine for several years until ceasing in 1941. By the late 1940's however, Coppin repurposed the mine by converting it into a dude ranch, open to the public. Known as Camp Shangra-la, the camp featured several guest cabins, and visitors were allowed to enjoy various amenities on site. Here, Coppin also ran a water bottling plant where he produced both Coppin's Mineral Water and Coppin's Club Soda. The operation lasted until the early 1950's. For a brief time in the early 1970's, water from the mine was sold as Aquarius Mineral Water. This business only operated for a few months.

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Blackbird Mine
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